Global IT Security Market Remains Upbeat Despite Recession

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Global IT security market, including security appliances, security software and security services, has continued to witness strong demand across all segments, indicating healthy growth prospects in coming years. According to our latest research report, “Global IT Security Market Forecast to 2013”, the global IT security market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of nearly 11% during 2009-2013, defying the IT budget cuts amid the current economic slowdown. The rising security concerns from rapidly increasing multifaceted threats among corporate across the world will continue fueling the growth of the global IT security market.

Our research reveals that the current market is dominated by the IT security software, which accounted for an estimated 44% of the global IT security market in 2008. However, major growth will be seen in the IT security services market over the forecast period. Our research foresees CAGR of around 12%, 9% and 13% for security appliances, security software and security services respectively during 2009-2013.

The report further highlights that UTM will remain the fastest growing segment of the security appliances market, with an anticipated CAGR of around 25% during the forecast period. Other segments, such as IPD and VPN, will also grow at a modest pace in near future. Meanwhile, our report identifies SCTM as leading segment of the security software market, followed by IAM and SVM. Growth across all the segments of IT security market will be driven by rising demand for security solutions worldwide, owing to deployment of IT among vertical sectors, such as finance, retail and telecommunication, aimed at cost cutting amid recession.

“Global IT Security Market Forecast to 2013” provides an overview on the current and future scenario of the world IT security market. It studies the global IT security market into three segments: Security Appliances, Security Software and Security Services. The research also studies the market on regional as well as country level and provides forecast for each country’s IT Industry. The research also contains various ongoing and emerging trends in the global IT security market, thus helping the IT security vendors to identify opportunities that may prove critical to their growth in the concerned market.

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UAE’s Steel Consumption to Reach 15 Million Tons by 2012

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According to our new research report, “UAE Steel Industry Analysis”, despite being affected by the ongoing financial crisis, the steel industry of the UAE is expected to witness good time ahead. Various upcoming infrastructure projects will drive the steel demand in the UAE. It is expected that the UAE’s steel consumption will reach 15 Million Tons by the end of 2012, an increase of around 50% from the consumption level of 2007.

The report highlights that the construction boom in the UAE is the major driving force behind the growth of its steel industry. It is expected that in coming two years, a total of US$ 392 Billion will be spend on construction activities. It is noteworthy that UAE’s construction activities are largely concentrated in Dubai, but during the coming years, unprecedented growth in the sector is expected throughout the country, especially in Abu Dhabi.

UAE is mainly dependent on imports to fulfill its domestic steel consumption. But recently major steel companies including state owned Emirate Steel (ESI) have planned to add major production capacity in the coming years to reduce the country’s dependence on imports.

Further as per our research, UAE is the leading country in terms of per-capita steel consumption in the region. The per capita steel consumption in the country stands at 2,348 Kg, which is not only higher than the GCC average of 645 Kg but also exceeds the world average of around 240 Kg.

“UAE Steel Industry Analysis” contains an extensive research and in-depth analysis of the UAE’s steel industry. The report gives an overview of the steel industry and studies the key market trends to help clients analyze the leading-edge opportunities in the UAE steel industry. Detailed data and analysis help investors and global players to navigate through the evolving steel industry of the UAE.

The report investigates the potential of UAE’s steel industry by focusing on the growth prospects. The research also covers the forecast on various industry segments including GCC steel production by country, GCC steel consumption by country, construction industry in UAE, steel production, steel consumption and the market share of steel companies.

RNCOS Releases a New Report - Emerging Medical Tourism in South Korea

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South Korea is emerging as a popular destination for medical tourism especially among the tourists from the US, Japan and China, says a new research report “Emerging Medical Tourism in South Korea” by RNCOS. In 2008, the country received around 25,000 foreign medical tourists, an impressive increase of more than 56% from previous year (2007). Medical tourists prefer South Korea not just for the lower costs of treatment, but also for its advanced technology and better healthcare infrastructure.

We have also found that South Korea is widely popular for its world-class and skilled professionals in plastic surgery that attracts medical patients from different parts of the world to get their surgery done at low cost. For instance, nearly 10,000 people landed in South Korea for plastic surgery procedures in 2008. Besides, the country has attained great proficiency in the treatment of different types of cancers such as stomach cancer and liver cancer.

With focus on various parameters of tourism industry, including inbound tourism, expenditure by inbound tourists, medical tourism and healthcare infrastructure, the report contains a thorough analysis of the South Korean medical tourism industry. It also provides strategic insight to the clients to evaluate opportunities for their success in the medical tourism industry.

Our report “Emerging Medical Tourism in South Korea” provides an insight into the South Korean medical tourism industry. It evaluates the past, present and future scenario of the medical tourism market, and discusses the key factors making South Korea a potential medical tourism destination.

The report also gives forecast for various segments of the medical tourism industry based on feasible tourism industry environment in South Korea. These include:

- Medical Tourist Arrivals
- Medical Tourism Receipts
- Number of Doctors
- Number of Hospital Beds
- Real GDP Growth
- Population
- Personal Disposable Income

The report also includes detailed information about the key players in the medical tourism industry of South Korea, including Asan Medical Center, Seoul National University Hospital, Samsung Medical Center, Ajou University Hospital, Yonsei University Health System and Kangnam St. Mary's Hospital.
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A List of Tough Job Interview Questions For Tough Times

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The information presented here is designed to provide a benefit to anyone who must answer questions during the dreaded job interview. The main point presented here is that the key to a successful job interview is preparation. The following discussion expounds on this key point.

While some tough job interview questions take us off guard, others we can see coming a mile away. How we answer job interview questions will make the difference between getting and not getting the job. We all have questions that we'd rather not be asked during an interview. But how can one prepare completely for a tough interview?

The answer to this question really comes down to intense preparatory work. In a nutshell, do your homework. Make sure that you know your resume thoroughly and expect questions to come from your work history. Also, expect questions about the company you want to work for and the type of future you want in that company, and finally, expect questions about you. You should use several large lists of questions in preparation for the interview. Below, you will find a list of tough job interview questions, which should be helpful in preparation for the job interview.

While the questions below are pretty standard and can be expected at most job interviews, you should also create your own questions. In creating your questions in preparation for an interview, you really need to sit down and think through what you would ask if you were the interviewer. Remember that the person interviewing you has a job to do as well. If you can provide a good answer to most of the questions below, and to the questions you have created, you have increased the probability of obtaining the job you are seeking.

Obviously during a job interview, regardless of your personality, you need to be congenial and polite. Try not to appear nervous as well. Most importantly, try to appear confident in yourself but not to the point of appearing cocky. Remember, the interviewer is not only trying to select the best candidate for the job, they also want to be sure that you will be compatible with other employees you will be working with. Also, remember that the interviewer is trying their best to find any red flags that may be present in your past work history.

The following is a list of questions you can expect at most job interviews. You most likely will not be asked all of these questions, but you can expect some of them. Many of these questions come from About.com, and some were created by our staff.

Job Interview Questions: Work History

What is the name of the company you worked for and what titles or positions did you hold?

In a nutshell, describe what you did at your previous company.

When were your employed by this company?

What were your expectations for your previous job and to what extent were they met?

What were your starting and final levels of compensation?

What were your responsibilities?

What major challenges and problems did you face? How did you handle them?

What did you like or dislike about your previous job?

Which was most and least rewarding?

What was the biggest accomplishment and failure in this position?

Why are you leaving your current job?

Why were you fired?

What was the most enjoyable aspect of your previous job?

Job Interview Questions: About Your Supervisors and Co-Workers.

What was it like working for your supervisor?

What do you expect from a supervisor?

Who was your best boss and who was the worst?

What is the ideal co-worker?

What is the ideal boss?

Job Interview Questions: About You

What is your greatest weakness?

What is your greatest strength?

In terms of your current or last position, describe a typical work week for yourself.

Do you take work home with you?

How many hours do you normally work per week including work completed at home?

How would you describe the pace at which you work?

How do you handle stress and pressure?

In terms of your career, what motivates you to move upward and attain further success?

What are your salary expectations?

What do you find are the most difficult decisions to make?

Tell me about yourself.

What has been the greatest disappointment in your life?

What has been your greatest accomplishments in your life?

What are you passionate about?

What are your pet peeves?

What do people most often criticize about you?

When was the last time you were angry? What happened?

If you could relive the last 10 years of your life, what would you do differently?

If the people who know you were asked why you should be hired, what would they say?

Do you prefer to work independently or on a team?

Give some examples of teamwork.

Were you responsible for any major projects at your last position, and if so, please describe in a nutshell the project you were responsible for.

What type of work environment do you prefer?

How do you evaluate success?

Have you ever given a work related presentation to a group of people greater then 10, and if so, how did that work out?

If you know your boss is 100% wrong about something how would you handle it?

Describe a difficult work situation or project and how you overcame it.

Describe a time when your workload was heavy and how you handled it.

What have you been doing since your last job?

Job Interview Questions: About the New Job and the Company

What interests you about this job?

Why do you want this job?

What applicable attributes or experience do you have?

Are you overqualified for this job?

What can you do for this company?

What do you know about this company?

Why do you want to work here?

What challenges are you looking for in a position?

What can you contribute to this company?

Are you willing to travel?

Is there anything I haven't told you about the job or company that you would like to know?

How do you plan to move up within our company?

What is the highest level you wish to be promoted within our company?

Why should we select you for this job?

Job Interview Questions: The Future

What are you looking for in your next job?

What are your career goals for the next five years and ten years?

How do you plan to achieve those goals?

How long would you like to stay with our company and why?

What are your salary requirements - both short-term and long-term?

What will you do if you don't get this position?

Once again, the key to a successful job interview is preparation. When you are completely prepared, you will tend to be less nervous. Of course, it is highly likely you will be presented with a question or two that you did not expect. This is why preparation also entails having the knowledge base that you can expect the interviewer will tap into.

Here I am not talking about the knowledge needed to do the job. That should be a given anyway, otherwise you would have not been asked to be at the interview. Here I am talking about knowing yourself and your attitudes, and being able to present your attitudes in a way the interviewer can appreciate. It does not hurt to let the interviewer know what really makes you tick, if the interview goes in that direction.

Make sure that you display an enthusiastic attitude. Make sure you present to the interviewer a willingness to learn and a desire to advance in the company you are about to potentially work for. You do not want to appear as if you are lacking seriousness and definitely do not appear cavalier. Try to appear enthusiastic and positive in a mature and professional way. If you are naturally an enthusiastic and positive type of person, then half the battle is won. The point is to be your self, but try to present the best of who you are.

Remember this, many employers prefer a less educated candidate with fewer credentials who is bright and willing to learn, over one who is more prepared but lacks the proper attitude. A good example of this is the entrepreneur who wants to launch a new business. For him or her who is starting a new venture, hiring someone who is bright and has the right attitude is extremely important. More important then previous education. In this case, the entrepreneur is looking for someone who is not afraid to take risks and is very much goal oriented. Here it is very important that you display to the interviewer your ability to work as part of a team. The 9 to 5 type worker who expects to work basically the same hours 5 days a week would not fit well here. And the interviewer needs to know this.

To conclude, in the end, most interviewers are looking for the right attitude for the job they are trying to fill. If you also have the right credentials along with the right attitude, then your chances are increased tremendously. If you can answer most of the above questions, display an enthusiastic attitude, and present yourself in the best possible way, this should result in you obtaining the job you are seeking.


Discovering Fraudulent Appraisals During Foreclosure

Discovering Fraudulent Appraisals During Foreclosure
by: Nick Adama


Without question, one of the enablers in many fraudulent mortgage lending schemes has been a crooked appraiser willing to give a property any value that the Realtor, mortgage broker, or lender wanted. The real estate bubble could not have been inflated to such a high level without the complicity of many appraisers who threw all conservatism out the window and began giving properties ridiculous values in order to help secure loans.

Now, with the housing market collapsing all around us, these appraisers have had to go back to valuing homes at more reasonable levels. However, this leaves many homeowners out in the cold, having received inflated appraisals just a few years ago and now finding out their homes were never worth that amount. What recourse, though, do these borrowers have, especially when they fall into foreclosure ?

The degree of appraisal inflation and fraud has been found to be astronomical in too many cases already. Homeowners have discovered that their home's value was inflated by up to 1,000% of its non-bubble price. The typical mortgage insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is inflated by 30-50% in order to raise prices of property on first-time home buyers and low income borrowers.

So clearly, there is a problem with a large number of appraisals, but homeowners may have trouble holding the individual appraiser or his company liable for the inflated value. However, there are a number of different claims that can be brought against an appraiser that blatantly misrepresented the actual fair market value of a home, especially if the borrowers relied on that appraisal in their decision to buy or refinance.

The most obvious claim borrowers may be able to bring against an appraiser is fraud due to the misrepresentation of the home's value. While valuing a home is sometimes just as much art as science, obviously using inappropriate comparable sales or making unreasonable adjustments to justify a higher value can be a clear case of fraud.

The only problem with this claim that homeowners may find is that the conditions may be hard to meet. For example, the borrowers will need to show all nine elements are present for a fraud claim to be made. Unfortunately, this may be easier said than done, and homeowners may want to contact an attorney to discuss the potential of a fraud case in more depth. These nine elements are the following:

1. representation of an existing fact.
2. the fact is material.
3. the representation of the fact is false.
4. the speaker knows it is false.
5. the speaker intends the listener acts on the knowledge.
6. the listener is ignorant of the falsity.
7. the listener relies on the truth of the fact.
8. the listener has a right to rely on it.
9. damages are suffered by the listener.

Far more promising as a claim against appraisers is state Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices (UDAP) statutes. This claim is also somewhat easier to make. The reliance on the misrepresentation does not have to be show, and some of the other conditions are also loosened. Homeowners should contact a lawyer or do some research on their state's UDAP laws, however, to find out all of the relevant information.

There are also a number of other claims that can be made against an appraiser, either in or out of foreclosure. Depending on the circumstances of the case, some of these include violations of state licensing laws, civil conspiracy, fraudulent concealment, and civil RICO claims. Again, it may be in the homeowners' best interests to speak with legal counsel or research these issues in depth before making a claim.

Far too many homeowners were given the most expensive mortgages they qualified for and their home values were inflated to justify the large loans. Appraisers played a role in these transactions, and many of the most corrupt may have engaged in acts that carry significant legal liability. Especially in cases where a lender pushes homeowners into foreclosure, doing some research on these issues and holding the appraiser accountable may be called for.


Get a Front Seat View of your Favorite Sport star!

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